Kiroo Design Studio

Masters of our game, the Kiroo Design Studio is where you, as an SME or, a huge corporate can be assured that your business is in perfectly capable hands. Armed with all of the relevant disciplines from web designs, to logo designs to mobile apps to basically anything digitally required, Kiroo is your perfect electronic business solutions partner.

We have created stunning websites from an array of industry sectors over the years and are confident that whatever your business, we can mould ourselves to ensure that you are getting the absolute perfect electronic presence that will give a unique end user experience with stunningly presented functionality that is enjoyable to engage with.

Kiroo also design very high quality business stationery. Our team consists of homeworkers and office based staff that are totally dedicated to providing you with the glamour and glitz that you would require to showcase your business.  KIROO Design will never settle for anything other than amazing quality before we put the finished article in front of our many clients. 

The KIROO brand is probably one of the largest contributors for web interface applications on a global scale; over the years we have silently been working behind the scenes for many of the largest website developers as an extension to their services, in simple terms we are that very organisation that many website developing companies outsource to on a white label basis.

If you are a web design company that is looking to outsource their workload on a white label basis, then we can of course accommodate those demands and needs of your company.

Why Choose Us

Our systematic methods make it fast and easy to have a professionally designed website for your organization. If you can imagine it, we can bring it to life!

Fresh and Clean

Sites that look clean, crisp, credible and stylish

Easy and User friendly

We build sites that are useful and extremely friendly

Easy to customize

Technical expertise to manage and support high-end websites

Maintenance and Support

We include compatibility checks in the major browser platforms

Best Ecommerce Site

Every ecommerce website is custom designed as per client’s individual requirements

Digital Marketing

Quality SEO work with proven industry experience and optimization techniques

Recent Works

At the KIROO Design Studio we pride ourselves on designing web sites that effectively market your project to your target audience, have fast loading pages, superb end user experience and are pleasing to the eye. KIROO make it easy for you to have a professionally designed web site and much more!

Our Services

The company is a leading provider of comprehensive graphic design and software development services. We are uniquely positioned as a total systems integrator for world wide markets. Our skills and productivity have the potential to turn an embryonic company into a household name!

Logo Design

Logo Design

Perfection in your branding!

Website Development

Website Development


Graphic Design

Graphic Design

Undeniable talent!

Marketing Material Design

Marketing Material Design

Carefully researched!

Banner Creation

Banner Creation

Any size animated or not!

Business Stationery Design

Business Stationery Design

Detailed & Stunning!

DST files

Digital Embroidery Files

Embroidery files!

Commercial Photography

Commercial Photography

A commercial eye!

Affordable SEO Services Company


Organic results from our search engine optimisation

Software Development

Cloud Based Applications


Brand Development Packaging & Design

Breathing life into your ideas

Video Animation

Video Animation

Maximise on the power of visual culture

Website Rentals

Website Rentals

Ideal Solution For Start Up's



High Quality Print Studio

Email Marketing

Email Marketing & Lead Generation

Generate Quality Business For Your Business

Social Media Posts

G.D. Social Media Etiquette Posts

Memorable Engagements

Business Package

Business Start Up Package

Power Boost For Newly Established Companies


SMS Text Messaging Service

Communicate Effectively

Responsive Web Design

Responsive Web Design

When KIROO build websites, we build them with mobile device compatibility. So even when people are on the move and they need to access your site or site systems, there is nothing stopping them as long as they have access to the internet. 

Latest Technologies

Latest Technologies

KIROO create websites and back end systems using the latest technologies to ensure that your website is running at optimum standards and has the potential to grow your system processes as you begin to grow in business.

Pre-defined layout

Pre-defined layout

Each of the websites that we design have defined duties to perform, that run in correlation to the demands and needs of a company's processes. You can be assured that KIROO always has the clients best interest at heart, whilst simultaneously creating a unique and enjoyable end user experience.

Inclusive Classroom

Our Philosophy

When a project is taken on, we include all relevant team members "Inclusive Classroom" to brainstorm, purely so we can achieve the maximum effect; whether that would mean using an array of colours or simply using a few colours and decide which would have the greater level of impact for end users. 



There are many customers who prefer to use their own images on their website as opposed to purchasing expensive stock images. KIROO encourage this because, it portrays the truth about who you really are.

If you have your own images to hand, then we are happy to work with them as long as they are high resolution and depending how they will be depicted within your website.

Alternatively "like we have done with many companies" we can commission a professional photographer to capture the moment in your working environment and use the best images from any relevant photo-shoot or, depending on your location, a KIROO photographer can visit you in your working environment.

Social Media

Social Media

Love it or hate it, you can't escape from it. Social Media is considered as the most important tool for brand awareness campaigns and with the right type of media content, it is without question that your company will be placed in front of millions of like-minded companies that are looking for goods and services just like yours and it is all done in a friendly and approachable manner. 

KIROO can help with this, we have expert graphic designers that can show case your company in eactly the manner you would need to generate profitable interest from user participation.

We can even manage your social media platforms whilst you continue to run your business without any social media interruption and believe us when we say that your social media will interrupt your daily business activities as you begin to gain popularity on the relevant feed.

Printing Services

Printing Services

Having brand KIROO on your side is like having a remote control button to solve all of your printing solutions. We transcend your imagination to ensure that your hardcopy output is nothing less than the perfection that you seek.

Our processes are very time consuming because, our research accounts for at least 30% of development time.

Each and every job that we undertake has to go through this process so that our end result is the end result you have been anxiously waiting for and we do assure that KIROO Design is well worth the wait for all of your hard copy print work.  

Brand Development

Brand Development

Are you looking to develop a new product line, or service? Well now you can; with our expertise and commercial prowess you can have confidence knowing that team KIROO will analyse your idea in various ways to achieve optimum results for the finished product.


logo design

We wanted a logo design and a proficient website with backend functionality that would streamline ... McElroy Civil Engineering


As a telecoms and broadband provider we have to ensure that our system processes are flawless. Much of our work is manual and has to remain manual for various reasons.

KIROO ... CEO - 4one2one

Some of our esteemed clients

Not only have the KIROO design team crafted logo designs for these clients built we have also built dynamic websites for them. They were all so impressed with the quality of our workmanship that we have been commissioned by them to design their business stationery and relevant communication literature on a regular basis.

Have a question or need a custom quote?

KIROO listens to the demands and needs of a business model and formulates a strategy that will work best for the business and their customers. We are specialist in our field and we don't mind bragging about it! So, whatever your requirement and whatever complexities it entails. KIROO have a response for bespoke designs. Contact us on: (UK) 01509 267 414 | Email: