Banner Creation

A vital component to any business that requires electronic banners. KIROO can produce banners of all sizes ensuring that your designs are unique to your business. Many of our clients request for banners of various size types for the purpose of placing them on other websites that operate as a link to their main website. A useful marketing tool, which has proven much success over the years and we have no doubt that they will continue to do so.

Stunning Banner Designs

Whether your company requires a simple static banner or, an animated gif, HTML 5 or, even a flash banner, KIROO are disciplined to provide stunning electronic designs to serve their intended purpose.

Banner Types

Gif Banners

GIF ads are like static banners with changing slides and therefore more eye-catching. More slides also mean more space for your message and room for multiple images (for example, you can showcase more products).

Static Banners

It is the most common banner type for advertising and it should be a good fit for any display campaign, including facebook ads and banners for mobile targeting.We recommend static banners if the advertising platform you’re using imposes strict restrictions on file size (under 75 KB).

HTML 5 Banners

Probably the most interactive and entertaining type of banner ad. A perfect flash banner alternative, the HTML5 banners work seamlessly on any browser and device. It’s also a better choice for animated ads than GIF banners for aesthetic reasons: the animations and transitions are much smoother and visually pleasing.

Flash Banners

Flash banners are really powerful with smooth transitional effects, a lot more flexibility with these types of banners and can be very alluring; the downside of these banner types is that, they can slow the page loading and they're not search engine friendly but look fantastic above other banner types, the other issue is that up-to-date flash player must be installed onto the viewing computer in order to visualise the banner advert.

Social Media Banner Designs 

Social Media is an ever growing phenomena with no sign of slowing down, with over 5 billion world-wide users, it is a marketing platform that any business cannot afford to be without. So, whatever social media platform banner your company requires, please do ask us because we do have design strategies that will make your banner appeal to the masses.

Company Disclaimer: due to the nature of the graphic design industry and the amount of time invested in preparing relevant designs, we do not offer any refund across our entire range of products/services, all we can offer are a reasonable number of revisions based on a chosen design concept.


Have a question or need a custom quote?

KIROO listens to the demands and needs of a business model and formulates a strategy that will work best for the business and their customers. We are specialist in our field and we don't mind bragging about it! So, whatever your requirement and whatever complexities it entails. KIROO have a response for bespoke designs. Contact us on: (UK) 01509 267 414 | Email: