Email Marketing & Lead Generation

CRM Email

One of the most important parts of business is keeping your customers happy, and ensuring that they purchase from you over and over again. CRM Email, is doing exactly that. This is your Customer Relationship Management.

Kiroo, can specifically design an email creative, that is a high engaged, mobile responsive full screen advertisement that we can send to your database, driving the traffic to your website to purchase more products. All we need, is your database, a brief of what you want us to do and our email experts will plan and execute a campaign that will bring back the highest Return of Investment Possible.

Third Party Email

If you haven’t got a database, then do not worry, you can rent one. Kiroo, has access to circa 25million UK email addresses, and many more across Europe and the Americas. We can specifically target the audience that you would want to get in front of. Targeting by Demographics, Geographic’s and online activity history are the most common ways to target.

This is a great way of increasing your online sales, very quickly.  

Lead Generation

Website traffic not work for you? Want to feed your call centre with opted in consumers that want to chat? Then do not worry. Kiroo has access to hundreds of different online and telephone surveys, which means that we can get a specific opt in from a consumer for your sales team to give them a call.

There are a number of different industries that we can work with, in some cases generating circa 20,000 leads for your call centre per month.

Email Marketing

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