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At KIROO we are always thinking about how best we can serve our clients so that they can maximise on their electronic presence so, we have decided to put all of our best programmers together in one, OUT OF THIS WORLD SERVICE for businesses around the globe because, our clients are the reason why we are so successful in what we do, they made it happen for us over 15 years ago and now we want to give something back to them.

Business Marketing Package

It is unique, it is one of a kind, it is beautiful, it is everything a company would ever need to keep the zest of life flowing within their business, their desire is our desire, their ambition to succeed and to ultimately look overwhelmingly professional when they engage with their customers is our ambition to make this happen for them. We are KIROO, which means:

K: for the kid, the child within us that we always need to allow for the creative design impulses to naturally flow!

I: is for intense, our zest for living as we fearlessly dive into the darkness of the abyss in order to quench our thirst for knowledge and the adventure that comes along with it!

R: is for rational, the way we think things out!

O: is for ornate, nothing plain here!

O: is for our openness, it's refreshing!


What we have put together is a comprehensive business package that allows business users every month to have the following:

4 professionally designed advertising posts to use on social media accounts (twitter, facebook, LinkedIn. Pintrest etc) client can choose which social media platform ("normally valued at £75.00 per designed post").

1 short animated video (approximately up to 10 seconds "normally valued at £620.00 on its own") - Client receives a new animation every month just to keep things looking fresh and appealing, this has an enormous impact and really adds value to your brand. Can be used on YouTube accounts and all social media platforms that allow MP4 files to be played.

We value our clients so much and appreciate their loyalty over the years that we really want to give them something back as a thank you and all for a monthly cost of £150.00.

Company Disclaimer: due to the nature of the graphic design industry and the amount of time invested in preparing relevant designs, we do not offer any refund across our entire range of products/services, all we can offer are a reasonable number of revisions based on a chosen design concept.


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KIROO listens to the demands and needs of a business model and formulates a strategy that will work best for the business and their customers. We are specialist in our field and we don't mind bragging about it! So, whatever your requirement and whatever complexities it entails. KIROO have a response for bespoke designs. Contact us on: (UK) 01509 733 560 | U.S. & Canada: 407-289-7726 | Group Fax: (UK Dialing Code) 01509 230 264