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One of the favourite parts on the KIROO journey is when a new company approaches us for ideas and advise on how to create their online / offline identity for them.

We enthusiastically listen to the embryonic company and take on board their own passion, enthusiasm and excitement and put that same ambition into the designs we subsequently craft for them.

Not only do we create for new companies but we also create new logo concepts for well established companies who may require a slight modification or even a face lift of their existing logo.

We strongly urge new companies to fully read this page before they make a firm decision as to which way they would like to go concerning a logo / brand identity because, it is something that they will have to stick with for the future of their enterprise.

High Quality Graphic Design Team

There is no doubt that you have heard and seen quotes for logo designs being sold for basically peanuts, you will find that those such logos are off the shelf common designs; KIROO only craft from blank page concepts and there is a great deal of thought processing going on during the design stage. 

However, these amazingly cheap prices, which are all over the internet does spring to mind a very apt saying, which goes something like this: If you think a professional is expensive, wait until you hire an amatuer; there is a great deal of wisdom in that statement. So, the moral of that story is; "dont spend a £1 to save a penny, spend a penny to save a £1".

KIROO are not off the shelf designers nor would we ever go down that all too common route, we are professionals in all areas of the Electronic User Interface Design Industry (EUIDI) and the quality of our work is representative of a brand that we hold in very high esteem.

Logo Design Packages

KIROO only operate their professional logo design service with the following PREMIUM packages, which are suited to most types of businesses, however; there are other exlusive logo branding services that are also available, but do not fall within the pricing structure as displayed in the table below; prices are always referred as GBP. All prices are subject to VAT:

A Redesign of existing logo 1 2 245.00 PDF, JPEG & PNG
B 3 Bespoke Concept Designs 3 Unlimited on chosen design 320.00 PDF, JPEG & PNG
C 6 Bespoke Concept Designs 6 Unlimited on chosen design 605.00 PDF, JPEG & PNG
D 10 Bespoke Concept Designs 10 Unlimited on chosen design 985.00 PDF, JPEG & PNG


Logo Research

KIROO go the extra mile when we're creating logos; once we have been instructed, we research your industry, look closely at your competition and focus on creating the best representation for it using your unique concept to engage within your chosen marketplace, thereby; creating a winning solution that places your company right in the center of the limelight. All of our logo designs are 100% bespoke.

Prestigious Crest Logo / Emblem Design

A crest logo design works well if your organisation represents an institution of a particular type for example; a secondary school, a financial or, medical institution, a prestigious computer game, an organisation representing a local or national community or even for a private yacht, however; this should not deter any company wishing to have this type of logo because, it can work equally as well for even a sole-trader, it really depends on what you as the business or the institution value your public perception to be.

These logo's are very prestigious in appearance and are often referred to as a company Crest, Seal or Emblem and are widely used as an embroidered badge on clothing or an embossing to seal important documentation.

Crest logo types attract a much higher fee than all other types of business logos because, a great deal of design complexity is involved and there is therefore no upper limit on the amount that can actually be placed on them; additionally, Crest Logos do take considerably longer to design than what it does for a normal commercial logo.

As a good starting point for Crest Logo designs is £2,900.00 for 1 concept design and 2 rounds of revision.

Textual Logo Design (Simplicity)

These are logo types that have no motif, icon or any type of decorative design placed beside the company name. Companies that require those such designs are basically confirming a standalone name such as the renowned name of HUGO BOSS, it needs no introduction nor does it need any decorative design features to help it to get noticed, the name on its own is sufficient; it is the combination of quality products and a high level of marketing of their name that has made it what it is today.

Hidden Message Logo Design

These logo types work exceptionally well if you looking to add that certain "je ne sais quoi?" appeal to it. For example if we look at the famous FedEx logo, you will notice an arrow pointing forward in the space between the E and the x, it is very cleverly put together and is today known as one of the market leaders in freight forwarding transportation, this is a global company worth millions of pounds today (see image below):







Another superb example of hidden message logos is for a leading Estate Agent Lynx Estates; you will notice that in the actual square towards the left of the symbol, there is a small cut out, this is representative of a doorway leading into a house with a pitched roof and there is also a key to formulate the letter X (see image below):












Hidden message logos "for obvious reasons" attract a much higher fee due to the amount of thought process / lateral thinking and design elements involved and cannot be given a specific price until the work is complete, these such designs start at £2,500.00 for one concept design and with only 2 rounds of revision. Our aim is to always keep the cost within that budget but more often than not, it is not something that is guaranteed; this type of logo is a hugely complex process.

Lettermark Logo Design

These logo types are again very simple but very effective, for example; if your company has three partners and the first letter of their first names begin with A (Adrian), D (Daniel), & P (Peter), then your brand could work quite well with a sophisticated font style advertising just simply ADP Services. Similar to M&S, IBM etc. These types of logos are very clean and efficient and work very well in a variety of branding material and promotional items.

Icon Based Logo Design

Our design team are meticulously trained to incorporate icon based designs wherever appropriate and wherever possible and practical for that matter; the reason for this is because, depending on the type of company that you are, it may just well prove to be a commercially wiser option to involve such a design because, the icon can actually become the main part of your brand and can be instigated towards a variety of uses that will also act as the entire representation of the company; by obviating the requirement of the full name of the company and or the company's strapline; the icon replaces everything that your full brand title incorporates.

Icon based logo designs work exceptionally well if your company incorporates a long name, for example: The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (ROSPA).

However; it does not mean that the same branding treatment would not work equally as good for companies with much smaller names, thus: companies with much smaller names should not be deterred from this style of logo. Icon based design logos fit within the standardised business package as detailed in the above table.

For brand reinforcement purposes and maximum exposure, icon based logo usage should be applied in a wide range of commercial activities.

From a professional point of view, an icon based logo can actually become very memorable and synonymous with your product / service depending on how you market it.

Animated Logo Design - MP4 File

What better way to introduce your company than to have a spectacular electronic entrance, your logo is everything, it is the very heartbeat of your company and there is no question that, in today's electronic way of life to acquire the respect and appeal to the masses, you as a company, have got to go that extra mile in order to get noticed.

A short duration (approximately 10 seconds) of a professionally designed animation of your logo introduction has the potential of creating an enormous impact on any prospective client looking for products or services that you provide.

It can be uploaded on any social media platform that allows MP4 files to be played and can be viewed by literally hundreds and thousands of people.

Animated logos can either be created from standard software template designs, which are commonly seen by potential clients or, you can also go down the route of a bespoke development and create something luxurious that nobody else has, it really depends on how you as a company measure the value of your brand and how different you want to appear to your audience? Naturally the bespoke animation route is always the better option but it also carries a higher price tag as opposed to the standard template route. 

Please CLICK HERE to give you an idea of a bespoke animated logo design "Please turn on your speakers because this logo animation has also been given sound effects as well as being crafted in 3D".

Customers want the best from the best and by investing a relatively small amount in your brand, you are telling potential customers that you are the best and this is why they should interact with you.

Iconography Logo Designs

Iconography logos can work wonders for your company, for example; imagine you are setting up a company selling products for a a ladies brand and you would like your company name to be a standalone icon but with a touch of colour added to it such as a vibrant pink colour.

We can very cleverly use the pink as the brand without having to juggle around with the actual company name, so in essence, the company name remains the same in a nice font and the pink can be used in a variety of ways that formulate conceptulisations of shapes and lines to enhance the marketing material associated with the brand name.

Basically; the pink does all of the work but your brand name remains a constant focus of attention and will always remain as the main feature; this is a very clever way to market a name without creating a separate icon that perhaps may not work well "depending on the product type and the demographics" and could have a strong possibility of diluting the name, which would impact negatively on your product range.

Payment Terms

In order to begin the process across our entire range of products and services, KIROO would require an initial deposit of 50% of the package price to be seen as cleared funds into the KIROO bank account via bacs transfer; the bank details are as follows:

BANK NAME: Santander



SORT CODE: 09-01-28

Once you have approved your logo design then the remainder balance is to be settled before we send over the final artwork.

Logo Finalisation 

Once your logo is finished and approved we will then send you all the relevant file formats in PDF, JPEG, PNG.

So please; do not hesitate to contact us for logo services because we will make your logo stand out to effectuate a visually memorable impact!

Company Disclaimer: due to the amount of time invested in preparing logo designs, we do not offer any refund across our entire range of products/services, all we can offer are a reasonable number of revisions based on a chosen design concept from within the package selected by the client. All logos remain the intellectual property of KIROO DESIGN until it is paid for in full.



Have a question or need a custom quote?

KIROO listens to the demands and needs of a business model and formulates a strategy that will work best for the business and their customers. We are specialist in our field and we don't mind bragging about it! So, whatever your requirement and whatever complexities it entails. KIROO have a response for bespoke designs. Contact us on: (UK) 01509 267 414 | Email: info@kiroodesign.com