Head of Brand Analysis / Research, Lead Generation & Email Marketing


A multifaceted and extremely talented individual who has been with the company for the best part of 4 years, Christopher is the guy, that you need on your side if you're looking to generate high quality business leads for your company, along with many other electronic attributes, Chris overseas and is head of this particular department for email marketing campaigns, brand scrutiny and lead generation.

Chris will inform our clients which are the best marketing strategies for their company and will analyise which is the best type of HTML design template for relevant marketing purposes and will liaise with our design team to maximise on the full potential of any company engaged with the KIROO brand.

Subject to company trading policies, Chris also provides our clients critical data whereby clients are favourably positioned to segment and target market their audience with appropriate email and business dialogue content; with an artistic flare for content writing and the ability to reach out to potential customers on a B2B or even B2C, it is no wonder that Christopher's time within the company is stretched; however, as a dedicated member of the team Chris will not let clients down, he is an all rounder and an exceptional team player to get the job done!

Much of his content writing work is shared with other staff members who too, share the same level of distinct writing quality as what Christopher obviously does. We are delighted that Chris is with us as he has proven time and time again just how valuable an asset he is to the company.

Thank you Chris for being the kind of team player that other companies can only aspire towards achieving. Great to have you here buddy!


Personal Information

Favourite Movie: Space Jam

Favourite Drink: Whisky

Favourite Pastime: Watching football

Pet Hate: Lateness

Favourite Colour/s: Red and White

Ideal Gift: Food

Favourite Song: Give me the night by George Benson

Favourite Television Program/s: Channel 4 news

Favourite Actor/s: Tom Hanks

Favourite Comedian/s: Michael Macintyre

Hobbies and Interests: Supporting Stoke City Football Club, Writing and Spas

Ambition: To have a healthy, stable and debt free family

Favourite Saying: Everyone has 24hours in a day, the only thing different is how you use it

Star Sign: Leo