Head of Backend Development


Complexity, perplexity and flexibility, Kishore is an amazing attribute towards the value of the company, his complete understanding of complex code and precision of work leaves many backend coding experts much to aspire towards. Armed with all the relevant disciplines in backend construction, there is no question in our minds that there is a coding task in which this individual would not be able to master.

Kishore has an amazing level of passion for his work, which consistently shines through over and over again, he is such a dedicated worker that, he not only exceeds the expectations of our clients he often exceeds our very own expectations of him. As soon as there is a new project on the table you can be certain that his mastery is consulted as to what the outcome will be and how soon it can be delivered to our client.

It cannot be denied and it cannot be taken away from him that, the level of understanding for complex code is insurmountable and it is that exactitude in which our clients demand from us, it is because of team players like Kishore that make the KIROO brand world renowned and a cut above everything else that you may come across. Yes we are bragging because, with people like Kishore on our team we have much to boast about.

Thank you immensely Kishore for the passion you have shown to us and to our clients over the years and we know that you are a member of the team in which the whole of the team can totally rely upon. Great to have you here and we sincerely hope that we have many, many more years of enjoying your company within the group, with people like you our clients are assured total peace of mind for their electronic way of life!


Personal Information

Favourite Movie: Lucy

Favourite Drink: Dry Fruits Milkshake

Favourite Pastime: College Life

Pet Hate: Corrupt Politics and Human Caste System

Favourite Colour/s: Blue

Ideal Gift: My Best Gift is My Mother and Father

Favourite Song: Baby(Justin Bieber)

Favourite Television Program/s: The Kapil Sharma Show

Favourite Actor/s: Hrithik Roshan

Favourite Comedian/s: Kapil, Rowan Sebastian Atkinson

Hobbies and Interests: Yoga, Programming and Playing Mobile Game

Ambition: Travelling the world

Favourite Saying: Self respect comes with self reliance

Star Sign: Gemini