Head of New Technologies & Frontend Design

Diptanshu S

There is very little that this individual does not know about New Technologies for web interface and Frontend Design. Diptanshu has been with the company for 15 years and is a remarkable team player that any IT company would be proud to have in their operations room. His vast knowledge and industry experience for web applications and subsequent speed of delivery for his end of the spectrum is like a breath of fresh air for all of our valued clients.

Diptanshu is the type of individual that you only need to explain something to once and from that point; the wheels of motion are quickly put into play with all relevant team members of whom he is particularly responsible for. His devotion to work and passion for churning out nothing but exceptional quality revolutionises the industry in which the KIROO brand represents.

With a full team of industry experts behind him, Diptanshu is more than capable of handling the most complex of programs and turn them into the most user friendly applications that global interface users have the pleasure of interacting with.

We are immensely greatful of his presence when complex programming is placed before us to create certain types of applications, there is a great deal of logical programming involved with all applications and new technologies are the only way forward to apply the logic. Thank you Diptanshu for being an excellent team player and for being that team player in which the KIROO brand can totally rely on. It is a pleasure to have you here buddy!


Personal Information

Favourite Movie: Intouchables

Favourite Drink: Coffee

Favourite Pastime: Motorsports

Pet Hate: Taxes

Favourite Colour/s: Black / Orange

Ideal Gift: Aston Martin 

Favourite Song: Abracadabra

Favourite Television Program/s: Old Star Trek Series

Favourite Actor/s: Jason Statham, Emma Stone, Jet Li

Favourite Comedian/s: Charlie Chaplin

Hobbies and Interests: Motorsports, Martial arts, Drawing

Ambition: Travel the world

Favourite Saying: If you want something bad enough, you'll get it

Star Sign: Saggitarius