Graphic Design, Photography & Social Media Management


Often you will find Aleena fluttering around the country like a butterfly with a camera over her shoulder ready to take her next photo-shoot for a client or, just for pleasure.

Aleena is still in University finishing off her qualifications in graphics and photography and she now wants to add video editing to her list of academic achievements and yes, we are supporting her all the way!!.

An excellent team player who likes to explore her creative skills in a wide range of social and commercial development. Aleena has a keen eye for photography and has meticulously developed a style of her own, it is that type of creativity that makes the KIROO brand special.

We have given many types of assignments to Aleena in terms of photographic shoots and each time she has come back with amazing results for the graphics team to work with on behalf of clients, our graphics dept then go to work and produce various types of creatives that hugely benefit the marketing angles in which our clients aspire to.

Aleena says that, photography is an art and it takes a lot of skill to understand the difference between family type portraits and commercial photography, we are thrilled that Aleena is an expert in the both types and she has a job for life with KIROO.

Once the photographs have been taken and before anyone can even get a look in, Aleena will go to work with her software to ensure that the quality delivered to the client is of an exceptional standard, her work is impeccable and it is that type of work that has in the past been used as real images on various websites as opposed to off the shelf stock images.

Aleena is so dedicated to the company that she does not want to sell her work to anyone unless her work is being seen on websites or creatives that the KIROO brand personally develop; now that is what you call dedication to a company.

Aleena also handles a lot of the creatives for Social Media accounts, i.e. Facebook & twitter.

A lovely individual with a lovely personality, we are proud of you Aleena and you will always have a place in KIROO's heart! Thank you for being here, you are an irreplaceable gift to the company!


Personal Information

Favourite Movie: Snow White

Favourite Drink: Fresh Orange Juice

Favourite Pastime: Hanging out with friends and family

Pet Hate: Being late for anything

Favourite Colour/s: I love all colours hard to pick just one

Ideal Gift: Jerk Chicken from Momma Bs in Loughborough

Favourite Song: Too many, I like a variety of songs performed by different artist

Favourite Television Program/s: Wildlife with Sir David Attenborough

Favourite Actor/s: I like too many of them to choose just one or two

Favourite Comedian/s: My Dad

Hobbies and Interests: Enjoying a day out with family or friends prefrably shopping | Photography | Cinema | Restaurants

Ambition: To pass my exams and become a valuable asset within the KIROO group

Favourite Saying: Cash me ouside "how bout dat"

Star Sign: Aries