Head of Video Logo Animation


Tracy has been with the company for a number of years working in various departments demonstrating her skills and clear understanding of relevant tasks; now Tracy heads our logo animation department and has fine tuned and developed her skill into a fine work of art.

A brilliant individual who thoroughly enjoys challenging tasks and ensures that the end result is always worth the wait.

With Tracy's animation skills the company has taken on a role that is extensively in demand by businesses around the globe and we can safely say that any company that requires that extra special finishing touch to their logo, then they have our personal guarantee that it will be handled by the best people in the business to handle them.

Tracy is going from strength to strength each day and developing her department into a fine art studio in logo animation, her department is a very busy one and all new work is placed in a queuing system.

It's a great pleasure to have somebody like Tracy on the team because, she is the individual you can count on to ensure that professionalism is maintained not only for KIROO but for our clients too.

Thank you for being with us Tracy, you are a true inspiration to our department and have come a long way since the early days, great to have you here; we love your passion and drive and are here to support you to take the company to higher levels of style and sophistication for our many clients!


Personal Information

Favourite Movie: Sliding Doors with Gwyneth Paltrow

Favourite Drink: Sweet Tea (Non Alcoholic)

Favourite Pastime: Creating videos. driving and listening to music

Pet Hate: Rude drivers, rude people

Favourite Colour/s: Purple, Black & Red

Ideal Gift: Anything thoughtful is cherished

Favourite Song: My favourite genre is "Neo-Soul" but, one of my favourites is "Corner of the Earth" by Jamiroqui

Favourite Television Program/s: I'm an "ID Channel" Addict

Favourite Actor/s: Robert DiNero, Anthony Anderson, Whoopi Goldberg

Favourite Comedian/s: Sinbad, Kevin Hart, Dave Chappell

Hobbies and Interests: Enjoying my loved ones, the beach, and natural as well as the man made "artful" things of this world

Ambition: To live a life where i use my gifts to make the lives of others better while earning enough to do more of the things I enjoy

Favourite Saying: If the creator himself can't please everyone, it is silly to think any of us can do it

Star Sign: Cancer