Head of Gif-motion Infographics


Gaurav has been with the team for approximately 4 years and adds huge value to the KIROO brand for creating animated gif files for many of our clients.

Managing a team of 10 animators Gaurav is a team member that the rest of the team can count on in terms or service levels to our clients and deliverability within a timely manner of relevant files.

The quality of work churned out by Gaurav's department is second to none and our clients appreciate the time and effort that is put into relevant files that are created for them.

The gif animation department now has world-wide clients that regularly require animation for their products or services and the list of clients is constantly building; we can see that this department is going to need more high quality staff before too long as the workload just gets bigger and bigger with the amount of social media posts and banners that are frequently created.

It is a pleasure to have this talented individual on the team and we wish him continued success in all of his endeavours to make his department the huge success we know it to be. Thank you for being on the team Gaurav it's a pleasure to have you here.  


Personal Information

Favourite Movie: The Last Samurai

Favourite Drink: Scotch

Favourite Pastime:

Pet Hate: 

Favourite Colour/s: Black

Ideal Gift: Watch

Favourite Song: Shape of love

Favourite Television Program/s: 

Favourite Actor/s:

Favourite Comedian/s: 

Hobbies and Interests: Traveling

Ambition: To become successful

Favourite Saying: Life goes on

Star Sign: Cancer