Head of Graphic Illustrations & Infographics


Milan has been with the company for approximately 2 years and is a tremendous credit to the company, his attention to detail and design concepts are truly world-class. Along with the CEO of the company, Milan handles many of our clients requests covering all aspects of graphic designs, he has a natural artistic flare to increase the productivity of a design to ensure that the client receives a first class delivery of a finished product that they can be very proud of using time and time again. Some of his main specialites are:

A very skillful member of the team with great potential to reach even further heights in his role.

Thank you Milan for being an essential part of the company's machinery, your prescence is and always will be greatly appreciated!


Personal Details

Favourite Movie: Interstellar

Favourite Drink: Organic pear smoothie

Favourite Pastime: my car, snowboarding

Pet Hate: snakes / spiders

Favourite Colour/s: blue / dark turquoise

Ideal Gift: anything useful

Favourite Song: Robbie Williams and Garry Barlow - Shame

Favourite Television Program/s: Vikings "at the moment"

Favourite Actor/s: Anthony Hopkins

Favourite Comedian/s: N/A

Hobbies and Interests: Hiking

Ambition: To visit as many countries as I can

Favourite Saying: It is not that I'm afraid to die, i just don't want to be there when it happens

Star Sign: Gemini