Project Managment & Design Coordination Executive


A valuable member of the team Steve takes his work very seriously to ensure that clients receive the very best of what KIROO can offer to them. Managing the web / software development and graphics design team, Steve has been with the company for 5 years and coordinates team members as to how relevant works will be carried out for any particular client.

Analytical in his approach Steve gets to the very heart of the business requesting a particular design by firstly understanding the required processes of the enquiring business which can then be transformed and appropriately coded into a CMS, CRM or EDI functionality for dynamic backend systems.

Simultaneously, Steve is creating the frontend graphics with the graphics team and establishing where and how the required functions should look and feel in the UI; his mission is to always create user friendly systems for both backend and frontend processes. We are humbled by his professionalism towards many of our clients.

Thank you Steve for being an irreplaceable company asset, we are thrilled in the manner the way the company is heading thanks to your skill and electronic judgement.


Personal Information

Favourite Movie: Forbidden planet

Favourite Drink: Sparkling water with lime cordial

Favourite Pastime: Swimming, walking and photography

Pet Hate: Time wasters

Favourite Colour/s: Blue

Ideal Gift: Vouchers

Favourite Song: In the night - Triumph

Favourite Television Program/s: Phonenix Nights | Little Britain | Mastermind | University Challenge

Favourite Actor/s: Matt Damon | Sigourney Weaver | Robin Williams | Will Ferrell

Favourite Comedian/s: Tommy Cooper | Norman Wisdom | Freddie Star

Hobbies and Interests: Street Pastor | Fishing | Cooking | Rock/Blues Music Gigs | Photography

Ambition: To enjoy every moment of every day with my friends and family and those people I meet along the journey

Favourite Saying: You can lead a horse to water, but a pencil must be lead

Star Sign: Sagittarius