Head of Logo Creation Dept


An amazing talent for graphic design work, Naomi heads our logo creation dept along with other various aspects of design works and fully understands the required design processes.

Working closely with relevant staff members, Naomi really gets into the propensity of the early development phase to ensure that clients are being adequately represented in their area of industry. 

What we love about Naomi is how she goes out of her way to conduct a lot of R&D work prior to putting design pen to paper because she wants to ensure that the KIROO brand remains as the market leader in this particular area of industry.

Thanks to her high level of expertise, professionalism and commitment to clients, our clientele base have always been delighted with their logos, in which they all essentially demonstrate a visually stunning and memorable impact.

Thank you Naomi for being that irreplaceable element in the company structure, your work is always second to none and this is not only the company saying that, this is coming from our huge client base in which you have helped to create!  Great to have you here Naomi we can always rely totally on your esteemed judgment for our clients.



Personal Information

Favourite Movie: One that comes with popcorn and laughs

Favourite Drink: Too many to choose from

Favourite Pastime: Hanging out with my kids

Pet Hate: Don't hate anything

Favourite Colour/s: Combinations of all the primaries

Ideal Gift: I've already received them

Favourite Song: Whatever I'm dancing to at the time

Favourite Television Program/s: Whatever is on at the time

Favourite Actor/s: Too many to choose from - I have no favourite

Favourite Comedian/s: If they're making me laugh I'm in!

Hobbies and Interests: Nature | Adventure | My Kids

Ambition: To 'show up' in everything I do

Favourite Saying: I don't have one

Star Sign: Leo