logo design

We wanted a logo design and a proficient website with backend functionality that would streamline our business process, we were told that KIROO are the best in the business to provide online and offline solutions and subsequent brand exposure; how absolutely correct that information was!

It is because of the KIROO Design team we have created a strong brand / logo, an excellent presentation folder with approximately 10, A4 size double sided brochures/folder inserts and not failing to mention a powerful website.

As a market leading Civil Engineering company, we are delighted at the end result and cannot find a single reason why we would not recommend this company to anyone who is either an established business or even a new start up; these guys are brilliant at what they do!

McElroy Civil Engineering

As a telecoms and broadband provider we have to ensure that our system processes are flawless. Much of our work is manual and has to remain manual for various reasons.

KIROO help us to maintain a steady flow of hard copy documents that are essential to our operations. KIROO designed our marketing material and promotional items and we are very happy with the service that we receive from them and we are happy to recommend them to anyone for any electronic design/s that they may need for their business. 

CEO - 4one2one

We thought that we would never be able to get our systems up and running and then came a little bird who told us all about the great things that KIROO can do so, we got in touch with them, explained our prediciment and the next minute we had a flurry of activity in logo designs, branding, and then ultimately website and a powerful invoicing system. 

H2I are so impressed that, we don't need to look anywhere else to get our work done and the KIROO Design team are still working on our platform and adding more and more useful features for our system users. We never have looked back!

Bird Busy - CEO of Happy2Invoice
Toilet tissue manufacturer

We asked for a website, we got much more than we had anticipated; we asked for a back office system that could handle the multitude of variables that are part and parcel of disposable hygiene manufacture, again we were amazed at what we got.

We can safely say that KIROO Design are competent in what they do and the best of it is that, they study what you do before they do what they do! They have our endorsement and a customer for life!

Charnwood Flooring and Interiors Ltd

If you ever need a website or any marketing material of any type, you really need to look no further than team KIROO. They will have it all put together for you in next to no time, very good at what they do and the quality is exceptional. Definitely recommend them!

Charnwood Flooring and Interiors Ltd

Have a question or need a custom quote?

KIROO listens to the demands and needs of a business model and formulates a strategy that will work best for the business and their customers. We are specialist in our field and we don't mind bragging about it! So, whatever your requirement and whatever complexities it entails. KIROO have a response for bespoke designs. Contact us on: (UK) 01509 267 414 | Group Fax: (UK Dialing Code) 01509 230 264